Release-Is It The Key To Happiness?

via Daily Prompt: Release

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This we have all heard before.. Tried and practiced- it works!
It really does work, not only with love for another person but love for ideas, things & thoughts. The longer we hold on to things the less we are able to enjoy the present- in business terms its called the “opportunity cost”
Opportunity Cost is defined as: 
"the loss of other alternatives when one alternative is chosen"
Off-course, don’t get me wrong its wonderful to dream and want things- but- let us let the universe “do its tang”, I have found that when I let something go, that’s when it will most likely happen, that the more I think and think about what I want the further and further away that “thing” moves away from me… I think its called having faith 🙂
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with warm regards & Island love(4)

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