Determination=Exceptional Results – An Update

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Here’s an update on my healthy living lifestyle-


I started about 3 weeks ago- I have been vigorously counting my calories- With that, I have been making 80% of my meals – I used a on online calculator to determine how many calories I was burning in a day and have been trying to consume less so that I could reach my targeted weight.

Now, because I would like it to be a “healthy lifestyle change” I have been trying to adopt only what I can stick to- so I wont call it a diet, but more so an education. An education on #tame-ing my appetite and making more sensible choices.

I read through many recipes, used many of them, most were new to me, I had no idea what the food was supposed to taste like, so that in itself was an adventure and continues to be. For the most part they were all surprisingly yummy.


FYI- I also do kick boxing 2 times per week for an hour each time and I also just started back playing tennis- doubles 3 times a week for about 90 mins each time.

Now three weeks later, I have found a great app that is helping me to create my own recipes, as it provides nutrient information for over 2 million ingredients- the app is called #myfitnesspal – so far so good!

Image result for my fitness pal

Ok so here’s the update-

Starting Weight (Just under 3 weeks ago)-   156lbs

Weight today- drum roll pleaseeeeee – 152 lbs!!!!! Lost 4 lbs 🙂

Its the first time I have ever been or had to be this determined to lose weight- and I find the results to be #exceptional !!! I am very proud of myself and feel very motivated to truck on-


with warm regards & Island love(2)

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