Coincidence? I think not :)

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Dear Ben, I should begin by telling you, that because I believe in the following, its hard to think that anything that happens is just a #coincidence

Everything happens for a reason...

The reason usually surfaces up at some time or the other, it may be a bad thing or a good thing, but either way >>>> it is taking us closer to our path >>>> our reason for being.

Lets not forget that the #universe has our back!

I say that, because, if we look back, the very same things we may have genuinely hoped for, but managed to get it lodged all the way at the back of our thoughts, happens.

So here’s one of my personal examples:

At work- I needed to get some graphics done- but wasn’t sure how to get the right person. I left it alone, and moved on to something more pressing- A week later (I kid you not) low and behold- someone walks into work, and announces himself as a graphic artist! Now, this is highly, highly unusual and irregular, mostly, anyone seeking or advertising their capabilities would send an email or call.  Mind you, we didn’t use his services, but it firmed up in my mind that I was on the right path. Was that a coincidence?

Situations like this can be dissected and turned upside down, however, what works for me, is staying positive and seeing situations in that light. As I also believe:

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To each his own... whatever works for you.. Truck on confidently in that direction.

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with warm regards & Island love(2)


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