via Daily Prompt: Focused

Dear Ben, Hope you had a terrific weekend.

Here in Trinidad it was a long weekend, yesterday- we had a public holiday celebrating Republic Day.

Re: My Healthy Lifestyle Journal.

I must tell you, that I am, truly proud of myself, for staying #focused on my mission.

I prepared all of my meals-breakfast, lunch and dinner, staying within the 300-500 calories per meal.

What makes it a pleasure, is that most of the recipes I tried were really delicious.

The healthier the meal the shorter the prep/cook time.

Pushing forward #focused & #positive



with warm regards & Island love(2)

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  1. the recipes within the calorie limits…? how can they be delicious….?


    1. I’ve been using a lot of fresh herbs- Parsley and Cilantro mostly, chilis and juicy tomatoes in most of the recipes. Fortunately for me I love all of those ingredients.

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      1. Oh….my mouth is watering….though the ocean is near you….


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