Clean Slate – Recreate

via Daily Prompt: Recreate

I feel so blessed and grateful for every day. Every day is a chance to #recreate , restart with a clean slate.

Another thing I am grateful for- the ability to treat everyday with a fresh clean slate- whatever happened yesterday – as we say at the “DOJO” is history.

I think its an age-thing- the wisdom to not give more than 2 secs worth of energy to anything not worth more than that! ha

Ok so back to #recreate – use your time wisely use every opportunity to recreate yourself- recreate your situation -recreate your life-

We are in control of our destiny- everything happens for a reason- the reason is to take you to your path- for some its a windy “salty” “spicy” “sugary” road- for other a straight road with no stop lights!

Be patient- Stay true to yourself, don’t allow anyone else to steal your energy- think good- be good- do good = worry not. All else will be as it should be.


With Warm Regards & Island Love


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