A little salt, sugar and spice = a flavorful life.

via Daily Prompt: Flavorful

The more I try to eat less salt- the more I realize how important salt is. It brings out the flavors in ingredients like no other-it can even bring out the sweetness in fruits!

Incredible! But soo not good for us.

Yet.. for most of us it is so difficult to give up or try to cut down.

Sugar- another ingredient that isnt good for us.. but for most of us, again- so hard to give up completely.

Ooooh and I saved the best for last- spice… yum! I might be slightly addicted to pepper- sometimes I would prefer not eat if there is no pepper-


So how does this tie into life itself- well…

First let me say that I am a believer in “everything happens for a reason” being this way I don’t question too much when things happen- bad things i.e- because I know I will find the reason for it- it may take a day… days.. months or in some cases years ..but for the most part I find the reason-

So now for the recipe for the #flavorful life-

It surely takes some salt- in moderation- lets call that the less than better things we do- but which makes happy- with minor side effects.

Then the sugar- these would be the things that we cant seem to resist but we know its really bad for us and yes leaves us with huge regret! Well I dont believe in regret either- so lets say- its leaves us questioning it for even longer, or takes us longer to get rid off (the inches, pounds, bad memories)(eg.those relationships we KNEW were bad, but pursued anyway)

Now the spice- these are the things that makes us really really happy- the out of the box, out of the norm- which takes you out of your comfort zone type of things- these are the things we take with us- the memory making things that makes us smile- we did it- we are very happy that we did it- and we wouldn’t trade it-


Just like any recipe- it takes a few things to make the dish tasty-without some ingredients we wont appreciate the others – and we cant learn without making a few mistakes.


Wishing everyone a flavorful life!

With warm regards & Island Love



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