Tennis- Why the inclination?

via Daily Prompt: Penchant

Its pretty amazing, the simple things we take for granted, is the very thing someone else has a #penchant for. For me, there were so many, none of which I think was ridiculous by any means.

One of my inclinations was towards playing tennis. Not sure where it came from, but i just always knew as a child that I wanted to play tennis, unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to play.

Jump ahead decades later to- 2 years ago- I started getting coaching lessons, I was completely enchanted by it, its the only thing I would get up at 5.30am to do- played 2 doubles tournaments since then and I’ve won my games.. yay! My greatest accomplishment in life to date.

So what is the real penchant here? Is it a need for competition? That need to make dreams happen? That need to see the universe at work? I really do love it and enjoy it though.. other than when I am dancing its the only other time when I am just happy to be there.. the biggest smile on my face just being on the court.. just feels unbelievable.

With Warm Regards & Island Love





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