A few of my favorite things…(5)

Do you have some things, that didn’t cost a lot, but just feels like you spent a million bucks on it? I just love those things the most .. that feeling… ahhh just #priceless #contentment

Here are 5 of my favorite (indulgence inducing) things..


My absolute #1 favorite: From #UrbanOutfitters, this multi-use oil-with rose petals, peony & bergamot. It was $28.00, got it on sale so it worked out just around $20- its absolutely divine. I use it on my skin, hair and nails. (just as the bottle recommends 🙂

#2- From #Kiehl’s this cactus flower & “Tibetan Ginseng” Hydrating mist- for an islander, this is a much needed cold kiss from a bottle- i just love this for those really hot humid days (about 300 days of the year 🙂 $17.00


#3- From #UrbanOutfitters: Rose Hair Perfume Mist- love the scent and the mistiness 🙂 $12.00



#4-From #Caudalie: Huile Divine “A luxurious dry oil that provides nourishing moisture and lasting comfort to body, face, and hair” $32.00, this one is unscented- so for those days that you don’t feel like piling on the scents.


Last but not least #5 from #WorldMarket this little clementine candle- ( i know the soy candles are better), but in the meantime… this is a great little candle with a barely there but there scent :)– $3.00 Its the perfect size to travel with, and the jar is tres cute and reusable.



With warm regards & Island Love


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