The more I memorize the less I remember ..


via Daily Prompt: Memorize

When I was younger, lemme tell you, my memory was soo sharp- I could remember at least 100 telephone numbers ( how do i know this- one bored day i wrote and counted 🙂 names, faces, music.. so many things..

Jump ahead a decade later and well…. cant remember too much anymore-

Technology? Could that be the cause? I definitely do not need to #memorize a single telephone number anymore, iIalso do not need to memorize a 3 item grocery list or anyone’s birthday!

Its pretty crazy the amount of space I have cleared out in my head- the memory space- that I no longer need- what am i using that space for?

Here is the irony- I am teaching myself french using a telephone app- what a conundrum right?  Hah!

With love and Island Warmth




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