I am passionate let me be: Visceral

via Daily Prompt: Visceral


This is too funny because I have just had this “argument” with my husband about my #visceral decision making- which comes from an emotional place and not with logic or reason per say- maybe a little bit psychic?

The argument came about because: meanwhile him- my darling husband- is the exact opposite where every decision- be it to buy a pair of socks or take a trip- MUST come from months and weeks of research- While me on the other hand do things based (sometimes) completely on emotion- it feels like a good idea- sounds like a good idea- lets do it- it works-

I trust the #universe.

Mind you his way works too-

Taking the romantic notion out of it- On paper one would say I am hasty and him a procrastinator- working on a happy medium! 🙂

With Warm Regards & Island Love


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