Recite: The Universe Is On YOUR Side



I like this challenge today, as it has prompted me to put into words the thoughts that I live by these days- I say “these days” as it has taken me some time and experience to be here-

I recite to myself and to others near and dear to me > Leave it to the universe-

As I look back on my life- it is so evident that the universe had my back 🙂

Its simple and not so simple-

Its about thinking and knowing with the most genuine intentions, about what you want, and then just leaving it alone- move along- carry on – it may take hours, days, months or even years- but it will happen- you may even forget that you wanted it- but at some point you will reflect on your life and think- Thank you universe!

Ping to :

“Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself”



Leave it to the universe

Over but not out

With Love


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