Poland- Shopping & Food Guide

Vendors in Zakopane- Poland

A little bit about Poland:

One of my girlfriends was on her way to visit her grandfather in Poland and she invited me along- i thought it would be a great opportunity to see it through her eyes- having lived and  or vacationed there for most of her life- i went on a whim without knowing what to expect- shes great company so i knew no matter what it’d be great! Oh and did you know that Pope John Paul II was from Poland?

Our first stop #Rabka : It has to be one of the most beautiful cities I seen- it felt like i was in a dreamy fairyland – where you would expect to find “Heidi” rolling hills beautiful fields no cookie cutter homes- only wooden cottages- just lovely. One of the things that Poles enjoy are “baths” so this was our second stop- some heated and indoors/ some outdoors with huge water slides and some smaller saunas-

Second stop: Zakopane

Here we were in the mountains- enjoying the “Pope’s cake” some great shopping and views of the mountains-




A Sunflower


Here’s is what you can expect to find:

  1. Great handmade wooden items- home decor & kitchen utensils (which was a great find- If you’re like me and cannot use metal utensils)
  2. Plush floor mats made out of sheep’s fur-
  3. Amazing bedroom/house slippers- comfy & cozy with hand embroidery
  4. Local art and craft-shopping bags, art
  5. Jewelry- Amber- lots and lots of amber- green, brown, yellow, red-
  6. Chain stores- Zara, pull&bear, H&M.


Here’s what you can expect to enjoy-

  1. Perogies- yummy! They come with a variety of fillings some sweet some savory- my favorite were the potato with ricotta cheese- topped with onions-
  2. Trout- cooked in many different ways
  3. Soups
  4. Grilled meats with potatoes
  5. Sausages


Preserving Wanderlust 🙂

with warm regards & Island love(4)

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