Trendy Indoor Houseplants- A Beginners Guide. Part 1-Selecting

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Being a newbie at it, and a very passionate one as well, I had to do some research and share it with everyone- Interestingly enough, i read that many indoor plants are said to be great air purifiers!

I have been seeing countless beautiful images on pinterest over the years, knowing clearly that only certain species would do well in my climate (Trinidad W.I) which lead to my research. (Also needed some update to what my mother and grandmother had in their homes.)

Some interesting information on NASA approved houseplants for air purification.


Article From The Healthy Home Economist


Oxalis: Quite a charming plant, with it’s clover like leaf and deep purple color, easily a great choice for a trendy indoor plant.

I really want a Purple Shamrock Oxalis plant!                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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Aglonema: We saw 3 variations of this, the green and white, pink &green and the all green, these all produce an anthurium like flower, and whats great about it, is that you can pot it for as big as you’d like it to grow. Larger pot=Larger leaves/Plant.

Dracena Chocolate: I would imagine that just the name alone would attract certain “chocolate lovers” and why not? It always so interesting to see leaves that are not green but yet so beautiful in its own way.

Sanseviera: The sleekest of them all! So elegant and simple.. love it! I think it could work in so many settings, the pot would make all of the difference. Its popping up everywhere recently, in movies, airports, homes, hotels offices etc. Its one of the tougher plants that is very low maintenance.

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