Creative Gift Wrapping

Welcome back!

It’s so wonderful giving and receiving beautifully wrapped packages. With so many interesting, highly accessible and reasonable decor available, its easy to create pretty styled packages. Picked up a bunch of interesting, affordable things to add to my collection from the home goods store- yes i collect throughout the year- all sorts of interesting nic naks that has multi-uses-

Some points to keep in mind:

  • Use magic tape-( that’s the one that fades into the paper)
  • Use small pieces of tape.
  • If you can, use it double sided so it doesn’t show at all.
  • Make sure the presentation top of the package is not the side that the paper meets.(where the paper was stuck together)
  • This bottom side should be used for all of the meeting points for ribbon etc.
  • Ribbon and other accessories show up best on solid colored paper.(you can always flip any gift wrap to get a plain white side)
  • Last but not least- when you have a beautiful greeting card- why hide it- let that be the decor on your package.
  • Enjoy!


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