Christmas Table Setting

Welcome back! Table settings are something that i thoroughly enjoy. I find its something that allows me to be very creative. Utilizing things from around the house, mixing and matching colors, elements, textures etc.

Some rules:

  • The centerpiece should not block the visual between the people sitting on either side.
  • Mix and match dishes keeping them in the same color-not necessarily the same pattern.So for example all white dishes, could be different shapes.
  • Mix and match glasses- again- mix and match all clear glass- it doesn’t have to be the same style- however try to keep it all clear glass.
  • Play around with the napkin color and placement if you’re using just white dishes and clear glasses.
  • Please use linen napkins- it makes a huge difference-
  • If its a dinner party and you would like your guests to mingle- use seating cards- mix and match so people are encouraged to make conversation.
  • For the seating cards you can go crazy here! Sooo many options.. and so many ways to place it.



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